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Let's Get it Started....

So today's classes were okay. I ALMOST have a class with Samantha Chiarello. We take WRT 101 at the same time in classrooms next to eachother. So every other day I'll see her. Talk about wierd. But she's better off, because our teacher looks, acts, and talks JUST like Cashette. I really want to strangle her, even though she seems completely professional and nice.

And then Chem 131 is taught in a lecture hall with 600 other students. It's got a goddamn BALCONY to fit the other half. And the teacher is this adorable little German old man with the thickest accent ever. Even though it's chem, I'm looking forward to just hearing him talk.

Then later I finally made party friends! My roommate Lauren, Suitemate Anam, and myself decided to get to know the people who like like 2 feet away from us (since we haven't really talked to anyone on our floor, and they invited us over at the floor meeting) and it was a bunch of hot rocker guys with guitars, amps, beer, vodka, and a hooka. Some other girl was smoking the hooka, but there was definately more than tabacco in it. We're gonna have a party soon, so I'm happy  =D   Plus, they play awesome music. Like... really awesome.

I think I've procrastinated enough. I'm gonna do Calc hmwk now   ;-;
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