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So my fish tried to commit suicide...

Lauren, Anam (my roomate and suitemate, respectively), and I were on our way out the door to go to eat when Lauren said one of my fish was missing. Bored, she counted them while waiting for me to finish getting my shoes on. Of course I thought she was just being retarded, but after standing there for about 5 minutes looking in the tank, I realized there really only were 6 (as opposed to the 7 that are usually in there). At this point I figured that one had taken advantage of the fact that I left the top open and jumped out like a f*cking moron, so we start looking around for it's body. I pulled out my desk - it's not back there. I pull out my dresser - it's not underneath. Finally, we pull the tank tank out a little and find him in the tiny space between the back of the desk and the tank. Lauren screamed (she saw him first). Then anam pushed her out of the way, and screamed. Then I pushed them both out of the way to pick of the body for a proper flushing burial.

Now, this process might sound long to you... and it WAS. We were seriously looking for that fish for about 7 minutes and lord knows how long ago it had jumped out. So imagine my surprise when the damn thing JUMPED as soon as I touched it. So now we're all screaming at which i now believe is a fish that is a descendent of Jesus' fish, and I quickly pick it up and throw it back in the tank. The damn thing is alive an well.


btw - for all of you that take my facebook quiz, read ALL the answer choices to the high school question. I guarantee you that you'll see a better answer...    =]
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