minamino2 (minamino2) wrote,

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I have made a conscious decision...

to completely cut myself off from society. Nothing I do to try to get myself to be normal will ever work and I simply give up. It's becoming clear to me that the people I live with here simply tolerate me and don't see me as a significant figure in their lives. Rather than have my world revolve around them unrequitedly, I have decided to isolate myself and stop caring entirely in an effort to protect myself. I'm the only person I'll ever have, which is just fine, because I'm the only person I'll ever need. I have such little expectations for everyone in my life right now, it's sad.

So now... let's play the "see how long it will take everyone to notice my completely unwarranted, sudden change in behavior" game.

I'll probably lose. I always do.

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